From: Ryan Blane
RE: Getting Corporate Sponsorship.

Dear Internet Friend,

I'm about to reveal a little-known method for you to literally get paid for doing what you already do or for what you want to do by companies looking for people and events to sponsor.

Simply put, you can use these insider secrets to get sponsorship deals well into the six figure range and the best part is virtually nobody knows how to do this! I'm talking about getting sponsors to pay for your events, gear, clothing, travel and even upfront cash payments. Before we get into the details I want to dispell 3 common myths about sponsorship that just aren't true!
MYTH #1: Only "big names" get sponsored -WRONG! Some people mistakenly believe that only people who are in the headlines and well know professionals get sponsored. This is simply not true! Sponsors are looking for people at all levels to help promote their products and brands.

MYTH #2: There are very few sponsorship opportunities - WRONG! That's definitely not the case. First off, there are literally thousands of opportunities and sometimes all that is required to get sponsored is to get to the right person.

However, even more exciting is that many of the sponsorship dollars that are available each year aren't even claimed! In fact, millions of dollars worth of products are often destroyed or sold at a loss to make room for the next year's inventory

MYTH #3: Getting sponsorship always takes a lot of work - WRONG! This is not so. Sometimes getting sponsored is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. A lot of companies are looking for people who can help spread the word about their products "on the streets."
There are many different types of sponsorships depending on what exactly you want to have sponsored and what type of sponsorship you are looking for.

Sponsorship falls into 5 main categories:
A. Discount sponsorship - This is where companies give you their products or services at a deeply discounted rate. This can be a discount of anywhere from 10, 20 even 75% off the standard price that you would normally pay.

B. Shop Sponsorship - This is usually a sponsorship where a local store provides its products and services for free along with discounts on other brands the store carries.

C. Flow Sponsorship - This is where you receive free merchandise from a manufacturer or distributor on a regular basis (This is an amazing archive by itself!).

D. Amateur Sponsorship - An amateur sponsorship is similar to a flow sponsorship in that you get free merchandise on a regular basis. The difference is that they will also help you with promotion and also offer you incentives for any exposure you get for their company.

E. Professional Sponsorship - This is the one most people are familiar with. Professional sponsorship involves a paycheck, free "pro model" gear, entrance fees for events and competitions, along with money for travel expenses.
Quite simply, when you add all of this up it becomes millions and millions of sponsorship dollars sitting right under your nose - all free -- and all yours for the taking! But the BIG problem is finding sponsors...
Getting sponsored has long been a secret tightly held by the people who have actually gotten sponsored. This was because they were afraid that if they revealed their secrets, there might not be enough sponsorship dollars for them in the future.

This is simply not the case. Every year there are millions and millions of sponsorship dollars along with tens of millions of dollars in free products that are never claimed.
With today's tough economy, companies are looking for ways to stretch their advertising budgets even further. It can cost millions of dollars to produce and run 30 second television commercial. Radio and print advertising can be costly as well.

Sponsorship on the other hand allows companies to get their products in front of the people who may actually want to buy them without the huge undertaking of traditional advertising. It might seem counter intuitive but the worse the economy gets, the more companies there are looking for alternative ways to promote themselves.
"A 19 Year Old Skateboarder From Santa Rosa, California That You Probably Have Never Heard of Gets Free Skateboards, Clothes and Gear"
A few years ago, a high school student who had never competed professionally was able to get 3 new "pro model" skateboards, dozens of jerseys, parts, hats, shoes, socks and traveling cases just for mentioning his sponsors name while doing what he was already doingskating at the park. He told a few of his friends how he did it and within a few weeks they all got the same deals! Did this reduce the amount of free stuff he got? Not at all. He has been getting new gear every year for the last three years along with all of his friends!
"A College Student With No Special Driving Skills Drives a Brand New Car and Gets $300 Worth of Gas Each and Every Month Absolutely Free"
Sponsors love getting their products in front of their "target audience." This 22 year old college student got a sponsor to pay for a brand new car, insurance and $300 worth of gas per month just for having the sponsor's website and slogan on the car. To date this sponsor has paid for cars for over 400 people! If you don't want to drive around with a website on your car then this type of deal might not be for you but for the rest of us, this is a great opportunity to drive the car of our dreams absolutely free!
"A Colorado Mother of Three Gets Free BMX Bikes for Her and Her Children Even Though None of Them Have Ever Competed In An Event..."Rebecca Tucci, from Seattle, Washington was a single mother with no money and little knowledge of sponsorship. This didn't stop her from getting brand new bikes for her three kids and herself ABSOLUTELY FREE just for mentioning the manufacturer to her friends and family and it didn't stop there. They even threw in free helmets, gloves, cycling shoes, jerseys and free lifetime tune-ups.
"A Snowboarder Who Has Never Won a Single Competition Get's All of Her Clothes, Boards and Gear absolutely Free..."Every year manufacturers must clear out last years models to make room for the new ones. Many times this gear is sent to storage or even destroyed. A mediocre snowboarder named Rebecca Parris, from Seattle, Washington to advantage of this by becoming sponsored with closeouts. In other words, she gets last years gear which is brand new absolutely free and manufacturers often send more stuff than she can even use.

Needless to say, I know this might seem almost "too good to be true" but I promise you it's not. Thousands of people around the world that you have never seen or heard of are profiting from sponsorship deals that will never make the news. It's almost shocking how profitable sponsorship can be...

These are just some examples of actual sponsorships deals:

$12,000 per year to play video games.
$25,000 to host a block party
$4,600 a year in skateboard gear
$80,000 to host a Freestyle Competition
$1,300 snowboard every 6 months
$7,628 in free lessons
3 "Pro Model" BMX Bikes Every Year
$1,800 per Month To Play Poker
$5,000 worth of Paintball Gear
$7,500 in Entry Fees Paid Each Year
and much, much more...

And this doesn't even count the big dollar sponsorship deals that make the headlines. These are the sponsorship deals that most people don't even know exist.
Let's face it. The odds are that you will never get the Tiger Wood's multiple million dollar sponsorship deal but that doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of the millions of dollars that are being given away each year to people just like you. Think about this for a minute: With this knowledge you'll have the confidence and the step by step instructions to get sponsored for just about anything - while other people scramble to compete with you and now and at "the next level," you will have the comfort of using your sponsors dollars to pay for what you love to do so that you can focus on what really matters. Plus, you'll have an almost unlimited resource to locate and secure sponsors not only for what you are currently doing but also for anything that you can imagine doing in the future.

However instead of me rambling on about how I can "deliver the goods" for you - It's probably better if I show you some solid proof.

Here are just a few of the first candid comments coming in from all over the world:
"I didn't believe that a total amateur like myself could every get a penny in sponsorship. I figure that I have gotten around $4,700 in free gear so far - and I have only been doing this for three months! Thanks for your help in becoming "totally sponsored"

- Morgan Pitt, Bakersfield, CA
"I just received an $2,700 check to "cover my expenses" snowboarding this year. I wish I would have been doing this since I started.

- Jack Escobedo, Gary, IN
"I went to a sponsorship workshop last month to find out how I could get sponsored. I left totally disappointed and convinced that I would never get a single sponsorship dollar. Much to my surprise, your information provided me with much more useful information than the all day workshop that I paid almost three times as much money for. I would recommend "Get Sponsored Fast" to anyone interested in getting sponsored for whatever they want to do."

- Cambria Lake, Boulder, CO
Frankly, I had originally considered delivering this exclusive information only as part of a seminar where I charged hundreds of dollars per person. But instead of going to all the trouble of arranging for a room and taking time out of my schedule - I decided that a step by step guidebook would be the best way to deliver this information (for you and me) as fast as possible to the people who really need and want it. The Get Sponsored Fast Guidebook gives you everything you need to get sponsors for just about anything.
  • Everything you need to know about sponsorship!
  • The best type of sponsorship for your situation!
  • What sponsors really want and how to deliver it!
  • How to write a great sponsorship query letter!
  • Secrets of winning sponsorship proposals!
  • How to ace a sponsorship interview!
  • Where to find sponsors that want you!
  • Secrets of effective sponsorship contracts!
  • How to make yourself irresistable to sponsors!
  • Find sponsors for just about anything!
Needless to say, this very special book is jam packed with the ferociously guarded secrets to finding, getting and profiting from sponsorship deals. The truth is, you'll never find this in-depth information in any ebook, course or manual. But even with that said, just to make it a bit more attractive to you I'm also going to hand you 5 special bonuses to reward you for taking action right now.
These 5 Gifts Are Included at Absolutely No Cost!...
Sponsorship Letters & Proposals
You get 7 sample sponsorship letters and proposals that you can use for your own projects. With these handy turn-key sponsorship proposals all you have to do is add your name and your information and they are ready to send out to potential sponsors. Even if you want to customize your sponsorship proposal, these turn-key sponsorship proposals make a great template to follow because we have included all of the key points every sponsorship proposal should have laid out in an easy to use format. (a $99 value)
Sponsorship Checklist
Use this simple checklist as a cheat sheet to identify potential sponsors that may be a match for you. This checklist also gives you exact instructions for following up with sponsors until they sponsor you. This checklist and cheat sheet were developed from the exact steps others have taken to get successfully sponsored. (a $29 value).
Sponsorship Template
This easy-to-use proposal template guides you through all of the important pieces of a sponsorship proposal. just updated resource will provide you with contact information for the people in charge of sponsorship at hundreds of companies. These are companies that are constantly looking for new people, products and events to sponsor. Plus, you'll get dozens of websites that can match you up with a sponsor right away. The Companies Who Sponsor Rolodex alone is worth the cost of the book (a $49.00 value).
Sponsorship Contract & Deals
These are 11 actual insider sponsorship contracts and deal memos from 10 of the world's largest sponsors. You can use these actual legal documents as a handy reference guide when negotiating sponsorship deals or you can use them to see how other sponsorship deals were structured (a $100 value).
Government Grants Exposed
There are government grants for just about anything imaginable. Many government agencies have their budgets cut if they don't spend all of the money allocated to them each year. Because of this many of them are constantly looking for people, businesses and events to give grant money to. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants available. The odds are that you qualify for at least a few of them (a $37 value).

"Thank you for helping my continue doing what I was put on this planet for. I couldn't have afforded to do it otherwise. Get Sponsored Fast is amazing"

- Christopher Conte, Garland, TX

"Your step by step instructions helped me get sponsored in less than a month. I can finally tell my friends and family that I am making money from what they used to discourage me from doing"

- Loren Berg, Jackson, MS
Listen, if you don't think this powerful information is worth every penny you paid, simply email me and I'll issue you a 100% refund on the spot. No questions asked, no hoops to jump through, no hard feelings and definitely no hassle. In fact, I'll extend this guarantee for 30 days! That's 30 days to use this product (and receive) an immediate refund. And if you decide to opt for a refund I still want you to keep the bonuses as my free gift just for giving this a shot.

I urge you to take action right now and grab this material on finding, getting and profiting from sponsorships now. With my Risk and Hassle Free Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose, but if you don't get it, you might be missing out on sponsorship dollars. Order now by clicking the add to cart button for our safe and secure order form.

Thank you,

P.S. Do you really want to get sponsored? Would you like to have companies pay you to do what you really want to do? Well it's as easy as getting to the "right person".

Hundreds or maybe even thousands of companies are looking for someone just like you to give their sponsorship dollars to.

Millions of sponsorship dollars are waiting unclaimed IF you know the right person to ask and ... if you know exactly how to do it. Why not spend a litlle time to find out how you can get sponsored as fast as humanly possible?