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Sponsorship LettersSponsorship Letters & Proposals

You get 7 sample sponsorship letters and proposals that you can use for your own projects. All you have to do is add your name and your information and they are ready to send out to potential sponsors. Even if you want to customize your sponsorship proposal, these turn-key sponsorship proposals make a great template to follow because we have included all of the key points every sponsorship proposal should have laid out in an easy to use format. (a $99 value)

Here are just some of the things you will learn:


Sponsorship ChecklistSponsorship Checklist

Use this simple checklist as a cheat sheet to identify potential sponsors that may be a match for you. This checklist also gives you exact instructions for following up with sponsors until they sponsor you. This checklist and cheat sheet were developed from the exact steps others have taken to get successfully sponsored. (a $29 value).




Sponsorship Contracts BookSponsorship Contracts & Deals

These are 11 actual insider sponsorship contracts and deal memos from 10 of the world’s largest sponsors. You can use these actual legal documents as a handy reference guide when negotiating sponsorship deals or you can use them to see how other sponsorship deals were structured (a $100 value).



Government Grants ExposedGovernment Grants

There are government grants for just about anything imaginable. Many government agencies have their budgets cut if they don’t spend all of the money allocated to them each year. Because of this many of them are constantly looking for people, businesses and events to give grant money to. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars in government grants available. The odds are that you qualify for at least a few of them (a $37 value).

PLUS Free Sponsorship Proposal Template

This easy-to-use proposal template guides you through all of the important pieces of creating a winning sponsorship proposal. This will provide you with everything you need to get started right away. Plus, you’ll get dozens of websites that can match you up with a sponsor right away. This template alone is worth the cost of the book (a $49.00 value).

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