How to Compose a Sponsorship Letter

There may be quite a lot of legwork associated with sponsor hunting and you will undoubtedly have to compose numerous sponsorship letter applications as you proceed. Sometimes you only have one opportunity to pass in front of the decision-maker and you had better make sure that you make a good impression. This is where a lot of people fall down as they simply do not prepare their case correctly and give themselves the best chance of success.

Sponsorship opportunities abound and it is likely to be little let-up in the rate that commercial organizations support individuals, teams or organizations. Individual, event or team sponsorships are practical ways for companies to reach their target audiences and often all it takes is for the enterprising seeker to light a spark.

A sponsorship letter should be ultimately professional and you may have to invest a little bit of your resources here to make sure that it is. The good news is that every computer these days comes with a top class wordprocessing software suite and you can compose a professional looking sponsorship letter quite easily. If you are not very good at composing letters, or putting across what you are trying to say in writing, then get a professional to do it for you. This need not necessarily cost you much in the grand scheme of things, either.

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Do you have a logo? As an individual seeking sponsorship you do not necessarily have to have one, but if you are trying to get support for an event of some kind you need to ensure that your branding is correct and looks acceptable before you go ahead.

Do not even think about writing a sponsorship letter until you are completely clear in your own mind of the benefits to the target company. Don’t think about the benefits to you — this should be the last thing in your mind and not the body of your sponsorship letter.

You will need to be very succinct, clear and upbeat when you compose a sponsorship letter. When the person responsible for this element of marketing at your favored company starts to read your mail, it is very important that you catch his or her interest in the first couple of sentences. Far too often, such a letter would be relegated to the trash can, as the individual’s time is of course very precious.

You should be effectively proposing an association when you approach an organization with a sponsorship letter. You are going to provide them with certain benefits and services and you would like to know if they are interested in forming a relationship with you. You must be very professional and clearly outline why they should consider “buying” your services from you.

You do not stand much of a chance of getting past the first base when approaching potential sponsors unless you have adequately prepared your case. You undoubtedly have a figure in mind when you start this process, but are you absolutely sure that the company will gain much more than this dollar figure through such an association with you? Remember that they will be effectively investing money in a sponsorship agreement and will expect to see results in one way or another, even though these may come in intangible form, such as goodwill.

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