The Truth About Getting Sponsored

Every year, corporate sponsors literally pay billions of dollars to sponsor sports, events, teams and even people pursuing their hobbies. There are literally billions of dollars in corporate sponsorship available yet a large portion of it goes unclaimed and unspent.

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The problem is most people mistakenly think that they need to be a pro or at the top of their field to get corporate sponsorship and even if they think they could sponsored they have no idea where to begin or what to do.

To make matters worse those who have already gotten corporate sponsorship deals are often reluctant to let others know how easy it is to get sponsored because they are afraid they may be creating more competition for themselves and corporations don’t exactly run ads telling people that they’re looking for people, teams and events to sponsor.

You Can Get Corporate Sponsorship For Just About Anything

The truth is there are corporate sponsorship deals of all types no matter if you are a total beginner or a seasoned pro. There are hundreds if not thousands of corporate sponsors right now that are willing to pay you for your travel, your event fees, your equipment and even cash payments to help you get started.

Getting a corporate sponsor can free you from the stress and worry of paying for things so that you can focus on what you do the best. The best part is that once you have your first corporate sponsor it gets even easier to attract other sponsors because you have the appearance of already being valuable to someone else.

I Want Corporate Sponsorship But I Don’t Know Where To Start 

10 years ago I started an organization that provided coats for kids that didn’t have them. We had more dreams than we had money and by our second year we didn’t even have enough money to pay for half of the coats that we needed. I had heard of corporate sponsorship and I kind of knew what it was about but I really had no idea where to begin or how to approach potential sponsors.

Luckily I met someone who helped me get started. They showed me the best types of companies to approach, how to approach them and how to make our sponsorship deal irresistible. Within one week of starting we had more coats than we needed. In fact we had enough coats to last us well into the second year and it was easier than I had ever imagined.

From that moment on I dedicated myself to learning everything I could about corporate sponsorship. What I discovered was that there are sponsorship deals for just about anything you can imagine. Since then I have helped thousands of people get corporate sponsorship for events, sports teams, gamers, racers and athletes of all types. I’ve even helped people find sponsorship for movies, websites and theatrical productions.

Your Biggest Obstacle To Getting Sponsored is Doing Nothing

The biggest obstacle that keeps most people from getting started is that they only dream about getting sponsored and they never take action to actually do it. The amount of money you have or your experience level should never keep you from living your dream. That is why I created a free video that explains how just about anyone can get sponsored for just about anything. Click here to get your free corporate sponsorship video.

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