Don’t Let These Common Sponsorship Myths Fool You

Every year millions of dollars in sponsorship cash and gear goes unclaimed and unspent simply because nobody asked. The reason most people don’t pursue getting a sponsorship deal is because they don’t think they are good enough or they don’t know where to start. Sometimes people don’t start because they believe what others have told them about sponsorships EVEN if those people have never gotten a single sponsorship deal themselves! I want to dispel a few common myths that a lot of people have about getting corporate sponsorship.

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Sponsorship Myth #1:
Only “big names” get sponsored -WRONG! Some people mistakenly believe that only people who are in the headlines and well know professionals get sponsored. This is simply not true! Sponsors are looking for people at all levels to help promote their products and brands.

Sponsorship Myth #2:
There are very few sponsorship opportunities: That’s definitely not the case. First off, there are literally thousands of opportunities and sometimes all that is required to get sponsored is to get to the right person.
However, even more exciting is that many of the sponsorship dollars that are available each year aren’t even claimed! In fact, millions of dollars worth of products are often destroyed or sold at a loss to make room for the next year’s inventory

Sponsorship Myth #3:
Getting sponsorship takes a lot of work: This is not so. Sometimes getting sponsored is as simple as sending an email or making a phone call. A lot of companies are looking for people who can help spread the word about their products “on the streets.”

We have created a short free video to help you learn about sponsorship so that you don’t make the same mistakes that most people make.

Watch Our Free Sponsorship Video Here

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